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Family & Community Services, Inc. Foster Care & Adoption Services has been facilitating private infant adoptions since 1989. This program serves pregnant women who are thinking about an adoption plan for their baby and the families who desire to provide permanent, loving homes for these babies. Our staff has many years of experience in working with birth parents searching for a family to adopt their child and with individuals and couples seeking to adopt a child. We can help you navigate the entire process and provide you with support as you explore your options and throughout the adoption process.

Our infant adoptions are all the result of a choice by parents. When parents decide they cannot care for a child, they can voluntarily relinquish their legal rights as parents so the child can be adopted and raised in another family. Therefore, children needing adoptive parents have varying characteristics and needs. Birth parents may specify the type of parents they want to adopt their child and adoptive parents may specify the type of child they feel best able to parent. We assist both sets of parents to make the best match possible.


  • Home study of prospective adoptive parents
  • Adoption orientation/education/training/preparation
  • Counseling for birth parents and prospective adoptive parents
  • Liaison between birth and adoptive families
  • Release/consent services
  • Facilitator for direct placements
  • Adoption placement and finalization services
  • Post-placement services
  • Assistance with interstate placements
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